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Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance


Unlike many other recent Blockchain books focused on describing and defining Blockchain technology from a technical or cryptocurrency perspective, this unique book takes a very different tack: its focus is on how mainstream and marginalized Americans can use blockchain technology and digital assets ethically to create an abundant life.

This book explores what Blockchain technology is doing today and how it can be used to create a better tomorrow.

The book daringly explores how blockchain technology can make a difference in improving America’s education system, cracking the Glass Ceiling, altering employment outlooks, and improving every person’s financial future.

The author examines and explores the business and social impact that open sourced Blockchain technology promises us is possible. And, in turn, discusses how we Americans can take those possibilities to create our economy, country, and lives into bustling meccas of abundance for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.


Blockchain Ethics 101 Course

Teach Blockchain Ethics. My 1 hour course:

1. Introduction to Blockchain for Social, Environmental, and Financial Impact.

2. Introduction to Tokenizing your Impact Idea

3. Walkthrough on How to Build Community-Based Blockchain Projects

4. Blockchain Ethics


College Guest Lecturer and Public Speaker

1. Teach Blockchain Ethics course/seminar as a guest lecturer at your college or university.

2. Keynote Speaker Focused on Social and Financial Impact and How One Can Make a Difference in Blockchain Ethically.

Coming Soon: The Bridge to Abundance Workshop

Inspirational half and full day workshops designed to guide participants from Scarcity to Abundant Creation. We use Blockchain ideals, Crypto concepts, and Transformational paradigms to create a shift in your view of the world. At the same time, you learn the token mindset and how to use it to build a sustainable life.

Our Qualifications: 

Landmark Education, Anthony Robbins Seminars, Sterling Men's Weekend, Legacy Discovery Men's Weekend, Leading men's circles, and other personal growth and development backgrounds and experiences over the course of 12 years.

Author and Marketer

1. Write articles for Blockchain and Token projects from an Ethics and Social Impact Slant.

2. Write books. My first publication is Local Business Mavericks Volume 16.

3. My new book is available on and is entitled Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance

Token Advisor

1. Provide Blockchain & Token strategic research.

2. Advise Social Impact based Tokenized Blockchain Projects.

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